Readline Shortcut

GNU Readline is a software library that provides in-line editing and history capabilities for interactive programs with a command-line interface, such as Bash and Ipython

man readline or readline


Shortcut Comment 中文註釋
Ctrl+A Move to the start of the current line 移動到行首
Ctrl+E Move to the end of the line 移動到行尾
Ctrl+F / Move forward a character 前移一個字符
Ctrl+B / Move backward a character 後移一個字符
Alt+F Move forward one word 前移一個單詞
Alt+B Move backward one word 後移一個單詞
Ctrl+L Clear screen 清屏

複製粘貼(Killing And Yianking)

Shortcut Comment 中文註釋
Ctrl+K Cut text to the end of line 剪切到行尾
Ctrl+U Cut text to the beginning of line 剪切到行首
Alt+D Cut text to the end of the current word 剪切到單詞尾
Ctrl+W Cut the word behind point, using white space as a word boundary 剪切到單詞頭
Ctrl+Y Yank the top of the kill ring into the buffer at point 粘貼剪貼板內容
Alt+Y Rotate the kill-ring, and yank the new top. if the prior command is yank or yank-pop 在剪切板裏面循環

更改文本(Changing Text)

Shortcut Comment 中文註釋
Ctrl+D Delete the character at point 刪除光標處字符
Ctrl+H Delete previous character 往前刪字符
Ctrl+T Transpose characters 往前交換字符
Meta+T Transpose words 往前交換單詞
Alt+U Uppercase the current word 大寫
Alt+L Lowercase the current word 小寫
Alt+C Capitalize the current word 首字母大寫


Shortcut Comment 中文註釋
Ctrl+R Search backwards in history 向前搜索歷史
Ctrl+S Search forwards in history 向後搜索歷史
Alt+. Insert the last argument of the previous command 插入上一個命令的最後一個參數
Alt+ number + . With an argument n, insert the nth word from the previous command. 插入上一個命令的第N個參數
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