Brokerage Fee Adjustment

Old readers know that I am a stock investor. Recently, when I was looking at the stock software statement, I found that some fees were too high. Finally, after handling it in the way of a human society, the rate dropped by an order of magnitude. I think it may be useful to some readers, so I share it and record it.

1. Stock Commission Rate Adjustment

I have opened a stock software account for 8 years, and the transaction commission has always been 30,000 yuan. If the commission for a single transaction is less than 5 yuan, it will be charged at the minimum of 5 yuan. I always thought this was already very low. I searched on Douyin and saw that there was a 50% discount on 10,000 yuan. The so-called 50% discount means that the 5 yuan mentioned above was waived. One day, I bought Angel Yeast for 40,000 yuan, and the transaction fee was dozens of yuan. It was not much, but it always felt wrong.

So I asked the account manager to reduce the transaction commission. After communication, the manager explained that because my contact manager was changed last year, the former manager may not have adjusted my transaction commission due to negligence (this excuse is reasonable and almost impossible to refute). According to the current standard, I can get a commission of 1.5 yuan, and they said it can't be lower😅

As shown in the figure below:

1.5 yuan

Smart readers may ask, can the rates of other columns in the table be reduced? It should be possible. Later, my ETF fee rate was reduced to 0.5 per 10,000.

Why not reduce it to 1 in 10,000 at once? I also thought about it. The other party did not give in at that time, saying that according to regulations, it can only be reduced to 1.5 per 10,000. After all, commission is one of the sources of income for brokerage firms. It is not easy to snatch food from the tiger's mouth! You can't reach the sky in one step.

But this is not a dead end. After another round of tug-of-war a few days later, it was discussed to 1 in 10,000. The key skills are to pretend that you will cancel the account if the fee rate is not reduced, and to handle old customers at your discretion. You should understand that after all, many brokerage firms do have 1 in 10,000, which is not an unreasonable wish.

After approval, it was successfully adjusted to 1 in 10,000, and the ETF fee rate was also reduced. I still have an Internet ETF that has not yet recovered its investment, so I should be able to make a little money this year.

1 in 10,000

You can't make a fortune by reducing the fee rate, but mosquito legs are also meat, and a little less is a little less. It's the self-cultivation of stockholders. Why not do it if you can save money? Save it and buy 100 shares of Moutai to attend the shareholders' meeting in Zunyi!

2. Adjustment of Treasury bond reverse repurchase rate

I used to be fully invested, but now I always feel that A-shares are not worthy, or that I am not capable enough. I have learned to keep a few bullets in my pocket.

At this time, buying Treasury bond reverse repurchase is also a good choice, which can be loaded at any time. With the above experience of commission rate adjustment, carefully check the Treasury bond rate.

You don’t know until you check it, and you will be shocked when you check it:

national debt before

Before the adjustment, it is well known that the default handling fee is 0.1 per ten thousand, that is, the handling fee for a one-day Treasury bond reverse repurchase of 10,000 yuan is 0.1 yuan.

You see, the above 170,000 yuan for one day, the brokerage fee of 8 yuan is 6 yuan, and the customer gets 2 yuan, which is too outrageous! Life in the mainland is already hard, isn’t this killing people?

After questioning the account manager, it turned out that it was because I used their automatic smart order function, which automatically places an order for your spare money at a certain time. The fee charged is not 0.1 per 10,000 yuan. Crontab is a bit expensive.

I thought too highly of the capitalists. I didn't read the small text and thought it was a free function for the benefit of the people. Who knew it was a trap within a trap, and the loss was 6*30=180. Wouldn't it be good to save money to buy chicken legs 🍗 and watch movies?

After a lesson learned, I decisively turned off this function, and the commission became 1.72. I was too lazy to take a screenshot.

This was not enough, and I was already full of anger, hahahaha! After discussing with the account manager again, it was adjusted to 10%, which is 10% off on the basis of 0.1 per 10,000 yuan. However, at the same time, he said that there would be no discount on the number of days (my broker only counts one day for N-day periods, which is okay). A simple calculation shows that 10% is better, as long as you don't buy more than 10 days.

6.02 was adjusted to 0.17, the normal value is 1.72 (the principal is 172,000). I would like to say that such tuning is rare in the software industry...

After adjustment

national debt after

1In [1]: (6.02 - 0.17)/6.02
2Out[1]: 0.9717607973421927

It has dropped by 97%. Even the change from 1.72 to 0.17 is amazing. The devil of greed is always in the details. I wonder if other regions on the earth have this kind of gameplay.

Maybe big customers can get even bigger discounts. Maybe this is one of the reasons why poor people always have a hard time turning over a new leaf.

3. Summary

Although these are just some investment and money-saving methods, the effect is immediate.

Of course, you can't make a lot of money by doing this. It's not shameful to be thrifty and not steal or rob.

After working for many years, I have a strong feeling that only by making money can you get rich. It is almost impossible to expect to get rich by working in an ordinary company. You can save your life, but you can't sit idle after making money. One day you will need to learn how to invest and manage your finances. Of course, there are risks, so it is better to be cautious and meticulous.

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