NameSilo domain name resolution slow problem solved

I recently bought a new domain name on NameSilo and needed a CNAME to the current site. I found that the resolution was extremely slow to take effect. After searching the Internet, I decided to migrate the resolution to cloudflare. There are two advantages: 1. Faster resolution; 2. Free Use cdn; website access becomes faster. The operation process is as follows:

1. Register cloudflare account and add your site

add site

2. Find the namesevers given to you by your CF (cloudflare for short)

Everyone is different, 2 will be allocated

cloudflare nameservers

3. Go to namesilo background to change nameservers

Change it to the one given to you by CF in the previous step. I have changed the picture below for reference

change nameservers

4. After confirming that the previous step has been changed, take over dns resolution according to the operation guide of CF

By default, it will first synchronize the original parsing record, and then control the parsing on the CF side

5. Whether to use CF CDN according to your own needs

If you don’t need to use cdn, click Edit, then click Yunduo to turn it off

cf result
I am a static site, and various business logics are not affected, and all of them are used. The google pagespeed test website speed has become faster, with 97 points for mobile phones and 100 points for desktops.

Lastmod: Monday, August 28, 2023