Fcitx5 configuration details

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 22.10 to 23.04. I want to adjust the font of the ibus input method. I also need to change the gnome-shell.css file. I have to change the Gnome theme again. In addition, the clipboard software copyq also crashes frequently, so I decided to Switch to fcitx5.

Personally, I think the advantages of fcitx5 are:

  • Built-in clipboard, although the functions are not as rich as copyq, it can be used in daily use, at least it will not crash;
  • The skin can be customized freely, ibus can also be customized, and the gnome plug-in needs to be installed additionally (see this article I wrote). Strong binding between ibus and gnome, a double-edged sword, readers can choose according to their needs.

1. Install fcitx5

1     sudo apt install fcitx5 fcitx5-chinese-addons fcitx5-frontend-gtk3 fcitx5-frontend-gtk2 fcitx5-frontend-qt5

Install the fcitx5-rime input engine, and then introduce the relevant input method configuration, skip it first.

1sudo apt install fcitx5-rime

2. System Settings

First set the input method frame to fcitx5

fcitx settings

Add input method, if you don't use rime input, add input method here.

fcitx input method

Use fcitx5-rime

fcitx rime

Environment variable configuration (see Arch wiki for detailed explanation):

1➜ ~ cat /etc/environment | grep -i fcitx

3. Rime Pinyin

Rime Pinyin, seems to be a little stronger than the 🍀 four-leaf clover input method lexicon I used before.

The method of use is to directly clone the warehouse to the user's fcitx data directory ~/.local/share/fcitx5/rime.

4. Skins

There are more fcitx skins than ibus. I found some good-looking ones and put them in the github repository. Readers can pick them up: https://github.com/kmephistoh/dotfiles/tree/main/.config/themes.

Use this link to search https://github.com/search?o=desc&q=fcitx5+theme&s=stars&type=Repositories to find one you like.

Put it directly into the directory ~/.local/share/fcitx5/themes.

then run

1➜ fcitx5-configtool

Select the corresponding skin in the pop-up interface, which is much more convenient than ibus. I choose catppuccin-mocha

fcitx change theme

5. Fonts

As we all know, Chinese fonts are much larger than English fonts, and there are thousands of commonly used Chinese characters. After searching around, choose Siyuan for Simplified Chinese, jf open 粉圆 for Traditional Chinese, but unfortunately there is no Simplified version.

What is worth integrating is that Yang Rendong Bamboo Stone Style seems to be handwritten, with flesh and blood, and looks very kind. It has been configured as a candidate box font, which is beautiful and connotative. I am very satisfied. The author is free for everyone to use, and there is no official website. It can be seen that the living condition is not optimistic, so search and download by yourself. What's even more regrettable is that in the parks in mainland China, all kinds of uncles who write with water are unique and have no characters. They should be collected and protected to enrich the Chinese world.

For font installation, please refer to this article I wrote

Font selection:


6. Clipboard settings

The idea of input method with clipboard function is very good. After all, East Asians in cjk must use computer input method. The function is streamlined, it cannot be configured as vim move/delete like copyq, simple scenes are enough, at least it will not crash as often as copyq.

Clipboard settings, triggered by Ctrl+;.


7. Final effect

Corresponding to normal input, emoji input, and clipboard respectively.

fcitx result

8. Some issues

Probably something to do with the new Gnome 44.

  • The system tray icon tray icon cannot be displayed, it is not important, and I don’t want to install additional software, after all, it is not the ibus that comes with the system

  • transparent-green skin transparency effect does not work

  • You can't get a beautiful background picture like ibus, because you don't know how to set the transparency effect, so you can type with peace of mind, even if you don't look at it.

Lastmod: Friday, February 23, 2024