Hong Kong

Travel time: October 2018

Hong Kong is a special existence, not just a special zone. When I was a child, I grew up watching Hong Kong movies and Hong Kong pop songs. Why do porn stars and young and Dangerous guys kill people? There are also many must-answer questions in modern history.

Hong Kong's return has greatly boosted national morale. Without Hong Kong, there would be no Shenzhen. Without Shenzhen, there would be no reform and opening up, so the fate of almost many people is related to Hong Kong.

I can’t say much about political matters. I believe we can find a solution and move forward with civilization at any cost.

1. Pictures

This place is backed by mountains and the sea, offering tranquility amidst the bustle and easy access to Kyushu.

Hong Kong 1

Longji Road hiking begins

Hong Kong 1
Hong Kong 2
Hong Kong 3
Hong Kong 4
Hong Kong 5

There are hiking signs along the way, and you can learn from the mainland.

Hong Kong 6
Hong Kong 7

The sea water is relatively clean

Hong Kong 8
Hong Kong 9
Hong Kong 10

island village

Hong Kong 11
Hong Kong 12

Many people surf and swim here

Hong Kong 13
Hong Kong 14
Hong Kong 15
Hong Kong 16

victoria harbor

Hong Kong 17

Standard night view of Victoria Peak

Hong Kong 18

Hong Kong food, not many ingredients, but very delicious

Hong Kong 19

Police station inside the high-speed rail station

Hong Kong 20

Take a flight back to Shenzhen

Hong Kong 21

There are also many interesting pictures that are difficult to release due to political sensitivity.

Hong Kong not only has high-rise buildings, but also beautiful and quiet outlying islands. The natural scenery is also good, the climate is suitable, and it is also a natural deep-water harbor. It is backed by the vast mainland. The location is truly unique, with access to the world by sea and air. It is the Pearl of the Orient.

2. Video

HongKong Victoria Harbor

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