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Huangshan is indeed the best mountain scenic spot. When there is rain and fog, it looks like a landscape painting. The rocks in Sanqing Mountain are similar to those in Huangshan Mountain. Remember to read the introduction and it seems to be a sister mountain.

Huangshan is a different scene after snowing. Because I currently live in Shanghai, the transportation in Huangshan is also very convenient (the high-speed rail goes to Huangshan, and you can transfer to the shuttle bus within a few minutes' walk. In terms of transportation, the mountainous scenic spots in Jiangxi need to learn from it 😂 ) I’ll go there again next time it snows. It should be said that you can go there in any four seasons.

I also bought Huangshan stocks, and lost 30,000 to 40,000 yuan in a few years, and then I sold my shares. Huangshan Stock has a shareholder benefit, you can play for free once a year with your voucher.

1. Pictures

Not many of the photos taken at that time have been preserved. He was young and in good health, running from one hill to another.

Shixinfeng, I guess this wooden sign is now rotten.

huangshan 1

Can you understand what is written above?

huangshan 2

I stayed in a hotel on the mountain for one night. It was very humid and the conditions were relatively poor back then. Of course, there are also high-end ones, so you have to make a reservation.

The first day was rainy and foggy.

huangshan 3
huangshan 4
huangshan 5

Guangmingding, the place where crowds fight in Jin Yong's martial arts novels, is 1860m above sea level.

huangshan 6

Secondly, it was too difficult to get up and watch the sunrise. The sun was blocked by the fog rising from the mountains. I saw the sea of clouds but not the sunrise. I remember meeting a Spanish guy and asking him to take some photos of me.

huangshan 7
huangshan 8
huangshan 9
huangshan 10
huangshan 11
huangshan 12

Parking lot at the foot of the mountain

huangshan 13
huangshan 14

It is worth mentioning that there is a hot spring bathing place at the foot of Huangshan Mountain. I only felt one thing at that time: it was slightly cold, so I waited for more than ten minutes for the water to be released.

Not much to say, if you bring your girlfriend, you can go to the hot springs together, which is a great enjoyment in life.

2. Video

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