Martial Arts Mountain

Travel time: October 2020

Wugong Mountain is becoming more and more popular now. It has alpine meadows and is suitable for hiking if you are physically fit.

1. Pictures

This is an alpine meadow, filled with heavy fog.

wugongshan 1
wugongshan 2

tent base

wugongshan 3

Walking through the sea of clouds

wugongshan 4
wugongshan 5
wugongshan 6
wugongshan 7
wugongshan 8
wugongshan 9
wugongshan 10
wugongshan 11
wugongshan 12
wugongshan 13
wugongshan 14
wugongshan 15

The stone house on the top of the mountain is a key cultural relic protection unit

wugongshan 16
wugongshan 17
wugongshan 18
wugongshan 19

The outline of this sea of clouds is amazing. Looking down from Foshan, it is not the shadowless feet of Foshan.

wugongshan 20
wugongshan 21

It’s better to go to Wugong Mountain when the grass is green. There is also a tent festival held every year. If you are physically fit, you can go through it and walk along the ridge for several days.

It's easily accessible by public transportation and is a fun place to visit.

2. Video

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