Travel time: July 2016

Sanqing Mountain is very beautiful. It was the most intense mountain climbing in my life. I really climbed from morning to night. I didn’t feel particularly tired when I was young.

It is recommended to stay in a tent on the top of the mountain for one night and climb to the top of Yujing Peak the next day.

1. Pictures

Looking at this stone sculpture, the face has been weathered to the point where only the outline is left. It may have been carved by our ancestors hundreds of years ago.

sanqingshan 1

I meditated on the rocks in this place for more than 20 minutes. It was very interesting. I was the only one on the whole mountainside.

I was a little afraid that it would be dark and I wouldn’t be able to climb to the top of the mountain, but I was also very excited. What I wanted was this kind of unknown and adventure.

sanqingshan 2
sanqingshan 3
sanqingshan 4

This is where we camped at night⛺️

sanqingshan 5
sanqingshan 6

Tower-shaped stone is stronger than you think. Ancient beliefs or romance?

sanqingshan 7
sanqingshan 8
sanqingshan 9

Even though many years have passed, I still remember this night while camping. Someone was roasting beef, someone was reading in the tent, there were gorgeous ghostly colors in the night sky, and there were frog-like sounds all around.

At the same time, I am also afraid of snakes getting into the tent. Because it is located close to the grass, it is almost impossible to sleep comfortably.

sanqingshan 10
sanqingshan 11

The next morning I climbed Yujing Peak and was lucky enough to encounter the churning sea of clouds. I was surrounded by about a dozen young people. Most of them didn’t have the physical strength. Some places could only be reached years ago, and I didn’t have the money. relation.

sanqingshan 12
sanqingshan 13

There is a very long plank road halfway up the mountain in Sanqing Mountain. Traveling through it is like walking on flat ground, very relaxing and comfortable!

sanqingshan 14
sanqingshan 15
sanqingshan 16
sanqingshan 17
sanqingshan 18
sanqingshan 19
sanqingshan 20
sanqingshan 21

This is a famous spot and the stones are still standing.

sanqingshan 22
sanqingshan 23
sanqingshan 24

The rocks in Sanqing Mountain are as worth visiting as those in Huangshan Mountain. At that time, transportation was inconvenient, so I rode a farmer’s motorcycle all the way to the foot of the north mountain and climbed all the way to the top. I was young and fearless.

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