Guilin Yangshuo

Guilin Yangshuo

Time to play: November 2016

1. Pictures

I can’t even find any photos of Guilin rice noodles. I remember going to a local internet celebrity store early in the morning and eating a bowl of rice noodles.

Minibus tickets. Every time I travel alone, I especially like to take the local minibus. It is very down-to-earth and reminds me of my childhood. For a period of time, you can become one with the locals, and no one else will know that you are a tourist. Just observe and feel it slowly. I once took a bus at night in Changbai Mountain. It is a rare and wonderful moment in my life. It is more difficult to repeat than the movie scenes.

Guilin 1

light and shadow

Guilin 2
Guilin 3
Guilin 4
Guilin 5
Guilin 6

Waiting for sunset on the top of the mountain. Are there many hills?

Guilin 7
Guilin 8
Guilin 9

There is a hole

Guilin 10
Guilin 11

Bamboo raft on the Yulong River

Guilin 12

A piece of land in Shili Gallery

Guilin 13

One family’s bougainvillea bloomed very enthusiastically. I didn’t recognize it before, but I have always remembered it.

Guilin 14

I still remember riding alone for more than ten kilometers until I arrived at a beekeeping place. Compared to Shili Gallery, there were fewer vehicles and it was very suitable for riding.

2. Video

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