Travel time: end of September 2019 - early October 2019

During the National Day holiday in 2019, I seized the last opportunity to travel independently and traveled to Taiwan. During the political turmoil in Hong Kong and the general election in Taiwan, a lot of efforts were made to facilitate this trip, mainly due to the issue of pass procedures in mainland China.

1. Pictures

Taiwan dollar

taiwan 0

Building 101, if you understand the year it was built, and then think about what the mainland was doing at the same time, the gap was huge.

taiwan 1
taiwan 2
taiwan 3

Election pictures rarely encountered in mainland China

taiwan 4

Taipei National Palace Museum

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taiwan 6
taiwan 7
taiwan 8

Taipei's small streets

taiwan 9
taiwan 10

Taking the high-speed rail to Taichung is generally similar to the mainland high-speed rail. The mainland high-speed rail is a little smoother and less noisy than Taiwan's, but some details are not as good as Taiwan's.

There is no high-speed rail in the eastern part of Taiwan. In contrast, Hainan Island has a high-speed rail around the island. This may be due to the complex geological conditions and frequent earthquakes in eastern Taiwan.

taiwan 11

Cingjing Farm

taiwan 12
taiwan 13
taiwan 14

Watching the sunrise at Hehuan Mountain

taiwan 15
taiwan 16

There are some performances: driving sheep, shearing sheep, and performing on horses. The whole experience is very relaxing.

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taiwan 18
taiwan 19
taiwan 20
taiwan 21
taiwan 22
taiwan 23
taiwan 24

Arrive in Kaohsiung, this is Kaohsiung’s MRT station (subway station)

taiwan 25

Kaohsiung stroll

taiwan 26
taiwan 27
taiwan 28
taiwan 29
taiwan 30

Go to Kenting

taiwan 31
taiwan 32
taiwan 33
taiwan 34
taiwan 35

The Pacific Ocean in the east of Taiwan is very beautiful and there are not many people there.

taiwan 36
taiwan 37
taiwan 38
taiwan 39
taiwan 40
taiwan 41
taiwan 42
taiwan 43
taiwan 44
taiwan 45
taiwan 46
taiwan 47

Riding an electric bike to get ready to go back to the hotel

taiwan 48
taiwan 49

Take the Taiwan Railway to Hualien

taiwan 50
taiwan 51
taiwan 52

Paragliding🪂 is a good activity, but the waiting time is a bit long.

taiwan 53

Food bomb scallion pancake

taiwan 54

Watching whales at sea

taiwan 55
taiwan 56

If you look carefully, you can see the Central Mountains of Taiwan from the sea. The altitude of the Central Mountains is actually very high, higher than most places on the third level of the mainland.

taiwan 57

Taiwan is a very good place. The people are very friendly, there are many delicious foods, and the food is relatively safe compared to mainland China. It is a democratic society with few Chinese groups, and the air is also good.

Personally, I feel that the core of Taiwan is Chinese culture, but it is greatly influenced by Japan. I recommend young people from mainland China to visit and communicate with each other, so as to reduce misunderstandings by learning more about it.

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