Looking at the records in Moments, we set off from Chengdu at 08:50 and arrived in Jiuzhaigou around 17:00.

Time to play: February 2017

Take the shuttle bus and fly back to Chengdu. It seems that the high-speed train is now accessible. The high-speed train station is not far away. It takes 2 hours to get there by taking the shuttle bus (my own estimate, after all, I went there 7 years ago). With that kind of landform and geological conditions, there are mountains of rocks besides rocks. It is simply unbelievable that a high-speed train can be built there.

1. Pictures

Songpan Ancient City on the road

jiuzhaigou 1

A high-altitude mountain road is coming soon

jiuzhaigou 2
jiuzhaigou 3

Line up to enter the scenic spot early the next morning

jiuzhaigou 4

The leaves grow in the water and there are rocks next to them. Isn’t it very special?

jiuzhaigou 5
jiuzhaigou 6
jiuzhaigou 7
jiuzhaigou 8
jiuzhaigou 9

There are many aquatic plants

jiuzhaigou 10
jiuzhaigou 11
jiuzhaigou 12

The water is really colorful

jiuzhaigou 13
jiuzhaigou 14
jiuzhaigou 15
jiuzhaigou 16

The filming location of Journey to the West, you should know which shot it is from

jiuzhaigou 17
jiuzhaigou 18
jiuzhaigou 19

I personally think this place is very beautiful, so I took a few more photos.

jiuzhaigou 20
jiuzhaigou 21
jiuzhaigou 22
jiuzhaigou 23

Lake freezes in winter

jiuzhaigou 24

The so-called vicissitudes of life

jiuzhaigou 25
jiuzhaigou 26
jiuzhaigou 27
jiuzhaigou 28

I recorded a video of this place and later went to the United States to play there. Americans also thought it was beautiful.

jiuzhaigou 29
jiuzhaigou 30
jiuzhaigou 31
jiuzhaigou 32
jiuzhaigou 33
jiuzhaigou 34
jiuzhaigou 35

I was on an unforgettable flight. I had to wait for a long time to take off, but later it was reported that a boy had injured his foot and had to rush back to Chengdu for treatment.

jiuzhaigou 36

Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport is very small. There are not many runways at the plateau airport, and the requirements for takeoff and landing are high. After taking off and flying level, the plane bumped over the mountains and felt like it was falling apart. The scenery was beautiful. Unfortunately, according to the regulations at the time, mobile phones were not allowed to record videos.

Interested students can search for related videos on the Internet. It is absolutely shocking. I instantly feel that human beings are insignificant. After so many years of development, the most high-end products produced by human beings are like plastic toys in front of the endless plateau snow-capped mountains. There are thousands of people below. The plane disappeared, all kinds of creaking sounds were heard on the plane, the whole plane suddenly dropped 5-10m, the center of weightlessness was suspended, it felt like it was almost touching the top of the mountain, it was absolutely exciting!

If my geographical knowledge is correct, I should have also seen the Gongga Snow Mountains breaking through the clouds.

The continuous snow-capped mountains in winter make the scenery even more beautiful. If you don’t believe it, you can experience it for yourself, showing the style of a great oriental country. Whether you can take off at the right time depends on luck.

2. Video

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