Pudacuo National Park

Pudacuo National Park is located in Shangri-La, Yunnan, and there will be slight high altitude.

Travel time: October 2016

1. Pictures

Suddenly a few dark clouds appeared and it started to rain

potatso 1
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Boat trip on the lake

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potatso 7

The clouds on the plateau hang overhead like cotton

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potatso 11

When there are such whiskers on the trees, it means that the ecological environment is very good. I remembered what the tour guide in the car said.

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potatso 13
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Cows are also very relaxed

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potatso 30
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potatso 33
potatso 34

What do you think of this tree?

potatso 35

There are many beautiful blue flowers growing on the ground

potatso 36
potatso 37

When playing on the plateau, don’t do too intense activities. When you feel dizzy and dizzy, you are most likely suffering from high altitude sickness.

When I go to bed at night, it will be really uncomfortable and I can't sleep all night.

2. Video

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